Sometimes a home can be everything you wanted but still feel incomplete. Other times, a family can outgrow their home but still love the town, location or neighborhood. For many reasons, an addition to the existing structure can be a great solution to avoid leaving a nice home just because of a lack of features or size.

If you are going to undergo the task of putting an addition to your house, you’ll want to be confident you are working with a company who will be efficient with their time and deliver on all of their promises. We work with homeowners to understand their goals and needs, then create plans we think will fit. After a confirmation from the homeowners, we get to work creating a new, personalized section for your home. Whether it be a garage, additional bedroom or a comfortable porch to relax on, we pride ourselves on hard work and attention to detail. If you’d like to learn more about the additions we’ve done in the past or would like to take the first step in the process, give us a call today!